The Battle of the Biceps:

A Tale of Friendly Competition

January 25, 2023

Competing from any place ;)

Different approaches to workouts

Once upon a time, in the land of the weight room, there lived two friends, Tom and Jerry. Both were determined to achieve their fitness goals, but they had different approaches to their workouts. Tom was a steady, consistent lifter, while Jerry was always looking for a challenge and a bit of friendly competition.

One day, Jerry proposed a "Battle of the Biceps" to Tom. The rules were simple:

they would train their biceps for one month, and at the end of the month, they would have a "Bicep-Off" to see who had made the most progress.

Tom was hesitant at first, but he couldn't resist the opportunity to beat his friend at something.

It is important to measure the progress

The month flew by, and the day of the "Bicep-Off" arrived. Tom and Jerry flexed their muscles with all their might, and to their surprise, they had both made incredible progress. But there could only be one winner. After much deliberation, the judges declared Jerry the victor, by a mere millimeter.

Friendly competition as social support

Tom was disappointed, but he knew that the competition had pushed him to work harder and achieve more than he ever thought possible. And Jerry, well, he was just happy to finally have bigger biceps than his friend.

The two friends laughed and hugged, and they both knew that the true victory was in the progress they had made and the fun they had along the way. From that day on, they continued to challenge each other in friendly competitions, and their biceps continued to grow bigger and stronger.

And they lived happily ever after, in the land of the weight room, where friendly competition was always encouraged and biceps were always flexed..


Friendly competition is a great way to add an extra layer of motivation to your fitness routine and help you to stay consistent and achieve your goals. This exactly the main reason why we created RedZonkey ;)